K0569 Kipp Rubber buffers steel or stainless steel, type C

Metal parts steel grade 5.6 or stainless steel.
Elastomer natural rubber, medium hardness, Shore 55A.

Steel electro zinc-plated.
Stainless steel bright.

The rubber buffers are widely-used construction elements for elastic mounting. They are used, among other things, as mountings for aggregates, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machinery.

Temperature range:
-30°C to +80°C.

On request:
Other Shore grades.

Order No. K0569.01001055 K0569.01001555 K0569.01501555 K0569.02002055 K0569.02002555 K0569.0250255 K0569.02502555 K0569.02503055 K0569.03002055 K0569.03003055 K0569.03004055 K0569.04003055 K0569.04004055 K0569.05003055 K0569.05004055 K0569.07504055 K0569.07505055 K0569.010010551 K0569.015015551 K0569.020020551 K0569.025025551 K0569.030020551 K0569.030030551 K0569.040030551