K0644 Kipp centring clamps with ball or hexagon segments

Body 1.2842.
Ball and hex segments 1.4112.
Tension spring 1.4310.

Body hardened and black oxidised.
Ball and hex segments hardened and ground.

Technical data:
Repetitive accuracy ±0.025
Concentric accuracy ±0.05

For centre positioning and clamping in blind holes. Operated from below, manual or automatic using pneumatics or hydraulics.

– Precise self-centring.
– Distortion free clamping.
– Large spread range.
– Low overall height.
– Positive down force.

Drawing reference:
Form A:
With balls for holes where light marking is acceptable.
Form B:
With hexagons for sensitive hole surfaces.

1) Mounting aid:
pin to accurately position the mandrel segments.

Special features:

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