K0649 Kipp Wedge clamps machinable

Material: Wedge and jaw segments carbon steel.
Version: Wedge and jaw segments hardened, black.
Note: These wedge clamps have extra long jaws. This extra material allows the jaws to be machined to suit the form of the workpiece. The functioning principle make the wedge clamps ideal for series clamping. The wedge form can exert high clamping forces. These wedge clamps can be mounted in grid holes or T-slots. Tightening the socket screw moves the wedge down and the jaws out pressing the workpieces against the fixtures fixed stops. The wedge has a slightly elongated hole allowing for some movement to compensate for tolerances.

Spread width: M8 = ±0.5 mm; M10 = ±1.0 mm; M12 = ±1.0 mm; M16 = ±1.5 mm

Note: These wedge clamps have a machining allowance per jaw of 3 mm for version M8 and 5 mm for versions M10, M12 and M16.

Item Codes: K0649.3108 K0649.3110 K0649.3112 K0649.3116 K0649.3208 K0649.3210 K0649.3212 K0649.3216

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