K1105 Kipp rest pads pin form, internal thread

Carbon steel.

Tempered, black oxidised.
Seating face inductively hardened and ground.

The rest pads can be used both as a stable and precise support and as a stop.
The pin form of the rest pad also allows it to be used with components with constricted support points.

Special features:

Order No. K1105.2060420 K1105.2060430 K1105.2080430 K1105.2080440 K1105.2080630 K1105.2080640 K1105.2100630 K1105.2100650 K1105.2100830 K1105.2100850 K1105.2120640 K1105.2120660 K1105.2120840 K1105.2120860