K1115 Kipp step jaw attachment for 5-axis machining

Material, version:
Step jaw hardened steel, clamping faces ground.
Grip strip hardened steel

Note for ordering:
High attachment step jaws in pairs with two gripper inserts and three different lengths of clamping spindle.


For jaw width 125 mm.
Supplied with a pair of high attachment step jaws with 2 gripper inserts and 3 clamping spindles in various lengths.
1. Length 110 mm, clamping range 6 mm – 60 mm.
2. Length 245 mm, clamping range 6 mm – 200 mm.
3. Length 315 mm, clamping range 6 mm – 270 mm.

Ideal for 5-side machining. High setup on the machine table for 5-axis machines. Clamping force directly under the workpiece. The attachment jaws can be retrofitted for the 80 mm and 125 mm centric vices. The workpiece is first centred using the lower centring spindle, then finally clamped using the upper clamping spindle.

Special features:

Order No. K1115.0801 K1115.1251