K1308 Kipp Mushroom knobs female thread with high head for Hygienic USIT®…


Version: High-gloss polished.

Note: The high head makes the mushroom knob ideal for manual pull and push movements.
The complete surface is polished to a high gloss with a surface finish of much less than Ra 0.8 µm. The contour is produced with generous radii and transitions. It doesn’t matter in which position the mushroom knob is mounted, dirt and residue from products or cleaners seldom adheres. Easy cleaning is ensured.
The Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washers from Freudenberg Process are used to seal the screw-on point. The shaft of the mushroom knob is specially designed to suit this seal. An almost cavity-free seal of the screw-on point is created which satisfies hygienic regulations.

On request: Inch threads, thread depths, form variations.Accessory:Hygienic USIT® sealing and shim washer K1491 for the screw-on surface.

Special features:

Order No. K1308.2004 K1308.2105 K1308.2506 K1308.3308 K1308.4010