K1482_D Kipp Connectors with screw fitting, Form D

K1482_D Kipp Connectors with screw fitting. Form D of K1482 connector with plug (male) angled.

Connectors with screw fitting and cable serve as a connection cable for sensors and actuators. The cable screening protects from outside interference and ensures error-free signal transmission.

Connectors with screw fitting. Connector moulded to cable. Cable, PVC-, silicon- and halogen-free. Drag-chain suitable. Accessory for toggle clamp with force sensor K1463.

  • Material: TPU housing. PUR cable sheath. Brass knurled nut. Bronze contacts.
  • Version: Tin-plated knurled nut. Gold-plated contacts. Number of pins: 5-pin, A-encoded, screened.
  • Technical data: in the datasheet.
RoHS compliant product

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