K1779 Kipp Guide rollers

The tread is firmly bonded onto a ball bearing.

Extrathane tread: quiet running, low roll resistance, elastic, gentle on floors, very wear resistant, high cut and tear resistance, non-marking, non-staining.

Polyamide 6 tread: unbreakable, very low roll resistance, light running on smooth floors, very wear resistant.

  • Other sizes on request.
  • Uses: conveyor belts, doors, etc.
  • Permissible load: 20 – 185 kg.

Order No: K1779.03008 K1779.03514 K1779.04020 K1779.05015 K1779.06020 K1779.07020 K1779.030081 K1779.035111 K1779.040201 K1779.050151 K1779.060201 K1779.070201