K1787 Kipp Elevating castors with integrated machine foot

Elevating castor with integrated levelling machine foot – swivel version.

The ergonomic form of the nonswivelling actuating lever enables ease of operation. The short actuation travel with simultaneous long plunger stroke and very high lifting force enables heavy weights to be easily raised and safely fixated.

  • Housing – steel plate.
  • Roller break – resistant polyamide 6, Shore 70D.
  • Machine foot – steel.
  • Sealed ball bearing in the swivel head.
  • Wheel axle bolted.
  • Housing – trivalent blue passivated.
  • Roller – white.
  • Machine foot electro zinc-plated with grey rubber pads.
  • Permissible load 230kg

Order No: K1787.08037 K1787.10037