Waldmann LED’s making their mark in Australia

Article courtesy of Darebin Council

Diecraft Australia Pty Ltd – Making Plastic Moulds and Dies with Less Electricity

Diecraft is one of our local value-add manufacturing companies that specialises in precision engineering creating plastic injection moulds. They have been part of the Darebin East Reservoir Industrial precinct for nearly 50 years. In recent times they have been working to reduce energy and water use, utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions, whilse growing their business and product.

Summary by Maxiloc

Diecraft commissioned Waldmann LED detachable lights to their EDM machines with positive results. The cost savings have been measurable in the key areas of increased productivity due to operator comfort and accuracy of work, decreased power consumption by eliminating the requirement of replacement batteries, Increased service life and less maintenance time. Diecraft expect the Waldmann LED lights will be in service for at least seven years without the need for maintenance, this in itself being a huge cost benefit to both Diecraft and the environment.