KIPP Toggle Clamps – March 2019


Quickly clamped, securely held – KIPP Toggle clamps

For decades, HEINRICH KIPP WERK has stood for durable products that simplify and expedite daily tasks. The new toggle clamps from KIPP adhere to this basic principle. The company offers a large number of new toggle clamps in three product categories.

Toggle clamps are used in e.g. clamping technology or in the tool making departments of automotive, metalworking, carpentry or plastic industries. They are used to hold and clamp workpieces for drilling, grinding, welding, bending and during inspection and assembly.

The KIPP steel or stainless steel toggle clamps have a long service life due to their high wear resistance and the oil-resistant bright red grips. In addition, they are easy to handle – due to the wide opening, they enable quick and unhindered placement and removal of workpieces.  Low manual effort is sufficient to achieve high clamping forces.

HEINRICH KIPP WERK classifies the toggle clamps into three different types: Horizontal toggle clamps, Vertical toggle clamps and Push-Pull toggle clamps. The horizontal toggle clamps have a low overall height, while the push-pull clamps are characterised by a compact design and high holding forces. Additionally, the range includes latch- and hook clamps that are ideal for locking hatches and containers. Clamping spindles enable the clamping height of the toggle clamps to be easily manually adapted to the required application range.

AMF Sliding Power Clamp

Maxiloc Tooling | Power Clamp in action

AMF Sliding Power Clamp in action!

Continuously adjustable clamping element made of alloyed tempered steel in forged, black galvanised design. Complete with mounting kit 7600BFS. Thrust piece in smooth and ribbed variant, optionally available.

Powerful and reliable in use and now also with an outstanding product design. The AMF power clamp wins the germande Signaward 2017 in the ‘Special mention’ category. This award recognises achievements with designs that feature especially successful styling – an accolade that honours the dedication of companies and designers


  1. Position carrier element on the tool table and secure with the specified tightening torque Md.
  2. Move the clamp arm to the desired position.
  3. Moving the adjusting screw clamps the workpiece.


  • Low installation height
  • High clamping force of 22 – 49 kN
  • Height and length continuously adjustable
  • The very robust design enables quick and easy clamping
  • Elements easy to install
  • For use in T-slots 12 – 28 mm and/or grid plates M10, M12, M16, M20
  • 2 thrust piece variants


  • The max. load may differ, depending on the manner of clamping and condition of the threads (lubrication).
  • To reduce the wear on the adjusting screw, we recommend the use of AMF screw compound no.6339. It possesses a synergistic combination of highly-effective solid lubricants and is heat-resistant and does not wash out.
  • Use only with the associated AMF mounting kit 7600BFS.
  • Size 30 M16 is not suitable for use with no.7600Z

AMF Toggle Clamps

AMF Toggle Clamps | Toggle Clamps in action

A typical application with AMF Toggle Clamps holding the part.

AMF Toggle clamps – manual & pneumatic

The solution for long-term successful rationalization

As varied as the individual applications may be, as versatile is the product range of pneumatic or manual toggle clamps from AMF. They are characterised here by their durability and are still fully functional even after many years of use.

Apart from favourable force and motion ratios, the entire product range offers easy handling in daily use. You are always on the safe side with our toggle clamps.