K0097 Kipp levelling sets with locknut

Steel 1.7225.
Stainless steel 1.4305.

Standard version trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel version bright.

These low version levelling sets with locknut are used to mount and align motors, aggregates, drive units and production lines. The advantage is the low height. Alignments can be made quickly and easily even with several levelling points. Distortion-free mounting is guaranteed. The locknut secures a prescribed adjustment.

Order No. K0097.0404 K0097.0405 K0097.0406 K0097.0506 K0097.0508 K0097.0510 K0097.0710 K0097.0712 K0097.0716 K0097.0916 K0097.0920 K0097.0924 K0097.1020 K0097.1024 K0097.1030 K0097.04041 K0097.04051 K0097.04061 K0097.05061 K0097.05081 K0097.05101 K0097.07101 K0097.07121 K0097.07161 K0097.09161 K0097.09201 K0097.09241 K0097.10201 K0097.10241 K0097.10301