K0109 Kipp tension levers external thread, stainless steel

K0109 Kipp stainless steel tension levers with external thread.

  • Material: Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305. Ball knob black plastic.
  • Version: Stainless steel parts bright. Ball knob polished.
  • On request: Other threads, screw lengths and special versions. Dimensions “H1” and “A” available in other lengths at extra charge.
  • Stainless Steel Products. Products marked with this symbol are made of stainless steel. The austenitic alloy 1.4305 is mainly used here.

Order No:

K0109.1082X15 K0109.1082X20 K0109.1082X25 K0109.1082X30 K0109.1082X40 K0109.1082X50 K0109.1082X60 K0109.1102X15 K0109.1102X20 K0109.1102X25 K0109.1102X30 K0109.1102X40 K0109.1102X50 K0109.1102X60 K0109.1122X15 K0109.1122X20 K0109.1122X25 K0109.1122X30 K0109.1122X40 K0109.1122X50 K0109.1122X60 K0109.2122X20 K0109.2122X25 K0109.2122X30 K0109.2122X40 K0109.2122X50 K0109.2122X60 K0109.3122X20 K0109.3122X25 K0109.3122X30 K0109.3122X40 K0109.3122X50 K0109.3122X60 K0109.3122X70 K0109.3122X80 K0109.3122X90 K0109.3162X20 K0109.3162X25 K0109.3162X30 K0109.3162X40 K0109.3162X50 K0109.3162X60 K0109.3162X70 K0109.3162X80 K0109.3162X90 K0109.4162X30 K0109.4162X40 K0109.4162X50 K0109.4162X60 K0109.4162X70 K0109.4162X80 K0109.4162X90 K0109.4202X30 K0109.4202X40 K0109.4202X50 K0109.4202X60 K0109.4202X70 K0109.4202X80 K0109.4202X90 K0109.1081X15 K0109.1081X20 K0109.1081X25 K0109.1081X30 K0109.1081X40 K0109.1081X50 K0109.1081X60 K0109.1101X15 K0109.1101X20 K0109.1101X25 K0109.1101X30 K0109.1101X40 K0109.1101X50 K0109.1101X60 K0109.1121X15 K0109.1121X20 K0109.1121X25 K0109.1121X30 K0109.1121X40 K0109.1121X50 K0109.1121X60 K0109.2121X20 K0109.2121X25 K0109.2121X30 K0109.2121X40 K0109.2121X50 K0109.2121X60 K0109.3121X20 K0109.3121X25 K0109.3121X30 K0109.3121X40 K0109.3121X50 K0109.3121X60 K0109.3121X70 K0109.3121X80 K0109.3121X90 K0109.3161X20 K0109.3161X25 K0109.3161X30 K0109.3161X40 K0109.3161X50 K0109.3161X60 K0109.3161X70 K0109.3161X80 K0109.3161X90 K0109.4161X30 K0109.4161X40 K0109.4161X50 K0109.4161X60 K0109.4161X70 K0109.4161X80 K0109.4161X90 K0109.4201X30 K0109.4201X40 K0109.4201X50 K0109.4201X60 K0109.4201X70 K0109.4201X80 K0109.4201X90