K0153 Kipp Star grips with projecting steel bush


Version: Metal parts trivalent blue passivated steel or bright stainless steel.

Note: Star grips with projecting steel bush and blind hole or female thread are especially suited for cross pinning.

Drawing reference:

Form H: bush with blind hole
Form K: tapped bush
Form L: external thread

Special features:

Order No. K0153.105 K0153.106 K0153.1061 K0153.108 K0153.1081 K0153.110 K0153.1101 K0153.112 K0153.116 K0153.205 K0153.206 K0153.2061 K0153.208 K0153.2081 K0153.210 K0153.2101 K0153.212 K0153.216 K0153.305 K0153.306 K0153.3061 K0153.308 K0153.3081 K0153.310 K0153.3101 K0153.312 K0153.316K0153.405X10 K0153.405X15 K0153.405X20 K0153.406X10 K0153.406X15 K0153.406X20 K0153.406X25 K0153.406X30 K0153.408X15 K0153.408X20 K0153.408X25 K0153.408X30 K0153.408X40 K0153.408X50K0153.410X20 K0153.410X25 K0153.410X30 K0153.410X40 K0153.410X50 K0153.410X60 K0153.412X20K0153.412X25 K0153.412X30 K0153.412X40 K0153.412X50 K0153.412X60 K0153.505X10 K0153.505X15K0153.505X20 K0153.506X10 K0153.506X15 K0153.506X20 K0153.506X25 K0153.506X30 K0153.508X15 K0153.508X20 K0153.508X25 K0153.508X30 K0153.508X40 K0153.508X50 K0153.510X20K0153.510X25 K0153.510X30 K0153.510X40 K0153.510X50 K0153.510X60 K0153.512X20 K0153.512X25 K0153.512X30 K0153.512X40 K0153.512X50 K0153.512X60