K0150 Kipp Star grips stainless steel, similar to DIN 6336


Version: Ground and polished or blasted.
Grub screw and pin bright.

Drawing reference:

Form B: drilled through
Form C: blind hole
Form D: tapped and counterbored
Form E: tapped blind hole
Form L: external thread

Order No. K0150.232062 K0150.240082 K0150.250102 K0150.263122 K0150.232063 K0150.240083 K0150.250103 K0150.263123 K0150.332062 K0150.340082 K0150.350102 K0150.363122 K0150.332063 K0150.340083 K0150.350103 K0150.363123 K0150.432062 K0150.440082 K0150.450102 K0150.463122 K0150.432063 K0150.440083 K0150.450103 K0150.463123 K0150.532062 K0150.540082 K0150.550102 K0150.563122 K0150.532063 K0150.540083 K0150.550103 K0150.563123 K0150.632063X15 K0150.632063X20 K0150.632063X25 K0150.632063X30 K0150.640083X20 K0150.640083X25 K0150.640083X30 K0150.640083X40 K0150.650103X25 K0150.650103X30 K0150.650103X40 K0150.650103X50 K0150.663123X30 K0150.663123X40 K0150.663123X50 K0150.663123X60