K1291 Star grips with extended collar

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Product Specification Datasheet for K1291 Star grips with extended collar

Material: Thermoplastic, black.
Extension piece, 1.0718 free-cutting steel .

Version: Extension piece, trivalent blue passivated.

Special features:

Order No. K1291.320508020 K1291.320508025 K1291.320508030 K1291.400610020 K1291.400610025 K1291.400610030 K1291.400610040 K1291.400610050 K1291.500813020 K1291.500813025 K1291.500813030 K1291.500813040 K1291.500813050 K1291.500813080 K1291.631016025 K1291.631016030 K1291.631016040 K1291.631016050 K1291.631016080 K1291.631016100 

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