K0154 Kipp Star grips similar to DIN 6336, metal parts stainless steel


Version: Bush and screw bright.

On request: Other colours or designs, such as company logo.

Drawing reference:

Form D: tapped bush without cap
Form K: tapped bush with cap
Form L: external thread

Special features:

Order No. K0154.505 K0154.506 K0154.508 K0154.510 K0154.512 K0154.205 K0154.2055 K0154.2056 K0154.2057 K0154.206 K0154.2065 K0154.2066 K0154.2067 K0154.208 K0154.2085 K0154.2086 K0154.2087 K0154.210 K0154.2105 K0154.2106 K0154.2107 K0154.212 K0154.2125 K0154.2126 K0154.2127 K0154.405X15 K0154.4055X15 K0154.4056X15 K0154.4057X15 K0154.405X20 K0154.4055X20 K0154.4056X20 K0154.4057X20 K0154.406X20 K0154.4065X20 K0154.4066X20 K0154.4067X20 K0154.406X30 K0154.4065X30 K0154.4066X30 K0154.4067X30 K0154.408X15 K0154.4085X15 K0154.4086X15 K0154.4087X15 K0154.408X20 K0154.4085X20 K0154.4086X20 K0154.4087X20 K0154.408X25 K0154.4085X25 K0154.4086X25 K0154.4087X25 K0154.408X30 K0154.4085X30 K0154.4086X30 K0154.4087X30 K0154.408X40 K0154.4085X40 K0154.4086X40 K0154.4087X40 K0154.408X60 K0154.4085X60 K0154.4086X60 K0154.4087X60 K0154.410X25 K0154.4105X25 K0154.4106X25 K0154.4107X25 K0154.410X30 K0154.4105X30 K0154.4106X30 K0154.4107X30 K0154.410X40 K0154.4105X40 K0154.4106X40 K0154.4107X40 K0154.410X50 K0154.4105X50 K0154.4106X50 K0154.4107X50 K0154.410X60 K0154.4105X60 K0154.4106X60 K0154.4107X60