K0270 Kipp Clamping levers antibacterial, external thread, plastic grip, metal parts stainless steel

Kipp Technical information MEDIgrip
Kipp Certificate MEDIgrip

K0270 Kipp antibacterial clamping levers with external thread and plastic grip, metal parts stainless steel. The antibacterial KIPP MEDI grip products are highly effective against a variety of hazardous microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and even multi-resistant bacteria (e.g. MRSA). The plastic used incorporates micro-silver particles with an antimicrobial effect to ensure effective results throughout the entire product life cycle.

Function: The growth of harmful micro-organisms on the product surface is effectively disrupted by means of silver ions, and the existing germs on MEDI grip products are consistently reduced (as tested and confirmed by an accredited testing laboratory). During cleaning cycles the risk of infection through touching these products is significantly lower.

Applications: For installation on machines, equipment, plants and furnishings in areas with increased hygienic requirements (including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, rehabilitation centres and food production facilities), as well as for use in public areas or regularly frequented institutions (i.e. nursing homes or daycare centres).

  • Material: Handles slate grey reinforced plastic, toothed ring die-cast zinc. Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305.
  • Version: Stainless steel bright.
  • MEDIgrip is suitable for use in areas with high hygienic requirements. The operating parts contain micro silver, which has an antibacterial effect on the surface.
  • Advantages: Resistant to humidity and cleaning products (during disinfection) with no toxic side effects.