K0301 Kipp fixture feet with internal thread

Body high carbon steel.

Body tempered and black oxidised.
Contact faces case-hardened.

Fixture feet with internal thread are used as supports for fixtures or rough or machined workpieces. They can also be used as stops or thust pads in fixtures and toolmaking.

Drawing reference:
Form A: hardened face
Form B: face hardened and ground
Form C: hardened spherical surface
Form D: tempered serrated surface

Special features:

Order No. K0301.106X20 K0301.106X40 K0301.110X32 K0301.110X63 K0301.112X32 K0301.112X63 K0301.116X50 K0301.116X100 K0301.206X20 K0301.206X40 K0301.210X32 K0301.210X63 K0301.212X32 K0301.212X63 K0301.216X50 K0301.216X100 K0301.306X20 K0301.306X40 K0301.310X32 K0301.310X63 K0301.312X32 K0301.312X63 K0301.316X50 K0301.316X100 K0301.406X20 K0301.406X40 K0301.410X32 K0301.410X63 K0301.412X32 K0301.412X63 K0301.416X50 K0301.416X100