K0057 Kipp levelling sets spherical washer

Steel 1.7225.
Stainless steel 1.4305.

Standard version trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel version bright.

The spherical washer levelling sets are used to mount and align motors, aggregates, drive units and production lines. The spherical washer permits exact alignment when mounting sloping surfaces of up to 4°.
These levellers have a long travel of 15 mm to 50 mm.

Spherical levelling washers K0691

Special features:

Order No. K0057.1506 K0057.2006 K0057.2008 K0057.2010 K0057.2510 K0057.2512 K0057.2516 K0057.3216 K0057.3220 K0057.3224 K0057.4020 K0057.4024 K0057.4030 K0057.5024 K0057.5030 K0057.15061 K0057.20061 K0057.20081 K0057.20101 K0057.25101 K0057.25121 K0057.25161 K0057.32161 K0057.32201 K0057.32241 K0057.40201 K0057.40241 K0057.40301 K0057.50241 K0057.50301