K0414 Kipp mounting brackets

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0414 Kipp mounting brackets

Product description:
Mounting brackets form a compact unit with position indicators. They guarantee reliable spindle clamping without additional construction work.

Mounting position 1, housing die-cast zinc
Mounting position 3, housing aluminium.
Clamping lever plastic.

Installed position 1, housing, painted.
Installed position 3, housing anodised.
Clamping lever dark grey.
Note:Due to the simple assembly, the mounting bracket is also suitable for retrofitting to existing systems.

Special features:

Order No. K0414.04081 K0414.04101  K0414.04121 K0414.04141 K0414.09121 K0414.09141 K0414.09161 K0414.09201 K0414.04083 K0414.04103 K0414.04123 K0414.04143 K0414.09123 K0414.09143 K0414.09163 K0414.09203