K0430 Kipp tube inserts square tapped bush

Body fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic.
Threaded insert brass.

Insert black.
Tapped bush nickel-plated.

Threaded square inserts for attaching levelling feet, swivel feet and castors to square tubes.

Special features:

Order No. K0430.103015 K0430.123015 K0430.143015 K0430.163015 K0430.103020 K0430.123020 K0430.143020 K0430.163020 K0430.104015 K0430.124015 K0430.144015 K0430.164015 K0430.204015 K0430.104020 K0430.124020 K0430.144020 K0430.164020 K0430.204020 K0430.104025 K0430.124025 K0430.144025 K0430.164025 K0430.204025 K0430.104030 K0430.124030 K0430.144030 K0430.164030 K0430.204030 K0430.104040 K0430.124040 K0430.144040 K0430.164040 K0430.204040 K0430.125015 K0430.145015 K0430.165015 K0430.205015 K0430.125020 K0430.145020 K0430.165020 K0430.205020 K0430.125025 K0430.145025 K0430.165025 K0430.205025 K0430.125030 K0430.145030 K0430.165030 K0430.205030 K0430.125040 K0430.145040 K0430.165040 K0430.205040 K0430.146020 K0430.166020 K0430.206020 K0430.146030 K0430.166030 K0430.206030 K0430.146040 K0430.166040 K0430.206040