K0472 Kipp tube clamps, cross, aluminium rounded case

Material: Cast aluminium. DIN 7984 screws and DIN 985 nuts, steel.
Version: Vibratory ground. Screws and nuts electro zinc-plated.
On request: Clamping levers for tightening.

Accessory: Round and square tubes K0493

Items: K0472.51212 K0472.51414 K0472.51515 K0472.51616 K0472.51818 K0472.52014 K0472.52020 K0472.52514 K0472.52525 K0472.53014 K0472.53030 K0472.54020 K0472.54030 K0472.54040 K0472.55030 K0472.55050