K0636 Kipp indexing plungers without collar

Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened.
Sleeve1.0403 weldable.
Indexing pin grade 5.8.

Stainless steel version:
Indexing pin hardened:
Sleeve 1.4301 weldable.
Indexing pin 1.4034.

Indexing pin not hardened:
Sleeve 1.4301 weldable.
Indexing pin 1.4305.

Key ring 1.4310, bright.

Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground, black oxidised.

Stainless steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright.

Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in locking position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been disengaged.
The key ring is also suitable for actuating the indexing plungers e.g. automatically (program-controlled) with the aid of a pneumatic cylinder or remote controlled with bowden cables.
To weld the indexing plungers we recommend inert gas shielded welding with TIG welding equipment.

On request:
Special versions.

Special features:

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