K0669 Kipp levelling feet threaded spindles steel or stainless steel

Steel or stainless steel 1.4301.

Steel electro zinc-plated.
Stainless steel bright.

Levelling feet consist of a plate and a threaded spindle. Any threaded spindle can be combined with any plate.

Special features:

Order No. K0669.080501 K0669.080801 K0669.081001 K0669.081201 K0669.081501 K0669.100501 K0669.100801 K0669.101001 K0669.101201 K0669.101501 K0669.120501 K0669.120801 K0669.121001 K0669.121201 K0669.121501 K0669.160501 K0669.160801 K0669.161001 K0669.161201 K0669.161501 K0669.200501 K0669.200801 K0669.201001 K0669.201201 K0669.201501 K0669.080502 K0669.080802 K0669.081002 K0669.081202 K0669.081502 K0669.100502 K0669.100802 K0669.101002 K0669.101202 K0669.101502 K0669.120502 K0669.120802 K0669.121002 K0669.121202 K0669.121502 K0669.160502 K0669.160802 K0669.161002 K0669.161202 K0669.161502 K0669.200502 K0669.200802 K0669.201002 K0669.201202 K0669.201502