K0692 Kipp levelling sets high version

Steel 1.7225.
Stainless steel 1.4305.

Seel version trivalent blue passivated.
Stainless steel version bright.

Levelling sets are used for mounting, levelling and aligning motors, aggregates, drive units and assembly lines. They have a large adjustment range of 15 mm to 40 mm. Other sizes available on request.

Special features:

Order No. K0692.01504 K0692.01505 K0692.01506 K0692.02006 K0692.02008 K0692.02010 K0692.02510 K0692.02512 K0692.02516 K0692.03216 K0692.03220 K0692.03224 K0692.04020 K0692.04024 K0692.04030 K0692.015041 K0692.015051 K0692.015061 K0692.020061 K0692.020081 K0692.020101 K0692.025101 K0692.025121 K0692.025161 K0692.032161 K0692.032201 K0692.032241 K0692.040201 K0692.040241 K0692.040301