K0780 Kipp clamping levers with thrust pad

K0780 Kipp clamping levers with thrust pad. The various different thrust pins are used to avoid pressure marks, compensate for unevenness or increase the grip on the workpiece. Where L ≥ 60 mm the thread length is always 60 mm.

  • Material: Handles fibreglass reinforced plastic with die-cast zinc toothed rings. Steel parts grade 5.8. Thrust pin, brass, steel or POM. Ball in steel.
  • Version: Steel parts black oxidised.
  • On request: Other threads, screw lengths, clamp lever colours and thrust pin types as well as special versions. Dimension “H1” available in other lengths at extra cost.
  • NOVOgrip Our NOVOgrip product line is the classic in the plastics sector – well thought out in every detail. Sophisticated design, easy-grip shape and good value for money. All the plastic elements are available in several colour combinations and the most varied sizes.
  • Drawing reference:
    Form A: brass thrust pin
    Form B: POM thrust pin
    Form C: with ball
    Form D: with flattened ball
    Form E: with point
    Form F: with half-dog point

Order No:

K0780.11051X20 K0780.11051X30 K0780.11051X40 K0780.11051X50 K0780.11061X20 K0780.11061X30 K0780.11061X40 K0780.11061X50 K0780.12061X20 K0780.12061X30 K0780.12061X40 K0780.12061X50 K0780.12061X60 K0780.12081X20 K0780.12081X30 K0780.12081X40 K0780.12081X50 K0780.12081X60 K0780.12101X20 K0780.12101X30 K0780.12101X40 K0780.12101X50 K0780.12101X60 K0780.21051X20 K0780.21051X30 K0780.21051X40 K0780.21051X50 K0780.21061X20 K0780.21061X30 K0780.21061X40 K0780.21061X50 K0780.22061X20 K0780.22061X30 K0780.22061X40 K0780.22061X50 K0780.22061X60 K0780.22081X20 K0780.22081X30 K0780.22081X40 K0780.22081X50 K0780.22081X60 K0780.22101X20 K0780.22101X30 K0780.22101X40 K0780.22101X50 K0780.22101X60 K0780.31051X20 K0780.31051X30 K0780.31051X40 K0780.31051X50 K0780.31061X20 K0780.31061X30 K0780.31061X40 K0780.31061X50 K0780.32061X20 K0780.32061X30 K0780.32061X40 K0780.32061X50 K0780.32061X60 K0780.32081X20 K0780.32081X30 K0780.32081X40 K0780.32081X50 K0780.32081X60 K0780.32101X20 K0780.32101X30 K0780.32101X40 K0780.32101X50 K0780.32101X60 K0780.41051X20 K0780.41051X30 K0780.41051X40 K0780.41051X50 K0780.41061X20 K0780.41061X30 K0780.41061X40 K0780.41061X50 K0780.42061X20 K0780.42061X30 K0780.42061X40 K0780.42061X50 K0780.42061X60 K0780.42081X20 K0780.42081X30 K0780.42081X40 K0780.42081X50 K0780.42081X60 K0780.42101X20 K0780.42101X30 K0780.42101X40 K0780.42101X50 K0780.42101X60 K0780.51051X20 K0780.51051X30 K0780.51051X40 K0780.51051X50 K0780.51061X20 K0780.51061X30 K0780.51061X40 K0780.51061X50 K0780.52061X20 K0780.52061X30 K0780.52061X40 K0780.52061X50 K0780.52061X60 K0780.52081X20 K0780.52081X30 K0780.52081X40 K0780.52081X50 K0780.52081X60 K0780.52101X20 K0780.52101X30 K0780.52101X40 K0780.52101X50 K0780.52101X60 K0780.61051X20 K0780.61051X30 K0780.61051X40 K0780.61051X50 K0780.61061X20 K0780.61061X30 K0780.61061X40 K0780.61061X50 K0780.62061X20 K0780.62061X30 K0780.62061X40 K0780.62061X50 K0780.62061X60 K0780.62081X20 K0780.62081X30 K0780.62081X40 K0780.62081X50 K0780.62081X60 K0780.62101X20 K0780.62101X30 K0780.62101X40 K0780.62101X50 K0780.62101X60