K0797 Grub screw with hexagon socket and pointed end DIN 914 / DIN EN ISO 4027

K0797 Grub screw with hexagon socket and pointed end DIN 914 / DIN EN ISO 4027.

Material:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)


Steel class 45 H, black.
Stainless steel A 2-70, bright.

Note:By M4x5, M5x5, M5x6, M6x6, M8x8, M10x10 the point angle is 120°.

Order No. K0797.03X5 K0797.03X6 K0797.03X8 K0797.03X10 K0797.03X12 K0797.03X16 K0797.03X20 K0797.04X5 K0797.04X6 K0797.04X8 K0797.04X10 K0797.04X12 K0797.04X16 K0797.04X20 K0797.04X25 K0797.05X5 K0797.05X6 K0797.05X8 K0797.05X10 K0797.05X12 K0797.05X14 K0797.05X16 K0797.05X20 K0797.05X25 K0797.05X30 K0797.06X6 K0797.06X8 K0797.06X10 K0797.06X12 K0797.06X16 K0797.06X20 K0797.06X25 K0797.06X30 K0797.06X35 K0797.06X40 K0797.06X45 K0797.06X50 K0797.06X60 K0797.08X8 K0797.08X10 K0797.08X12 K0797.08X14 K0797.08X16 K0797.08X20 K0797.08X25 K0797.08X30 K0797.08X35 K0797.08X40 K0797.08X45 K0797.08X50 K0797.08X60 K0797.10X10 K0797.10X12 K0797.10X16 K0797.10X20 K0797.10X25 K0797.10X30 K0797.10X35 K0797.10X40 K0797.10X45 K0797.10X50 K0797.10X60 K0797.10X70 K0797.10X80 K0797.103X5 K0797.103X6 K0797.103X8 K0797.103X10 K0797.103X12 K0797.103X16 K0797.103X20 K0797.104X5 K0797.104X6 K0797.104X8 K0797.104X10 K0797.104X12 K0797.104X16 K0797.104X20 K0797.104X25 K0797.105X5 K0797.105X6 K0797.105X8 K0797.105X10 K0797.105X12 K0797.105X14 K0797.105X16 K0797.105X20 K0797.105X25 K0797.105X30 K0797.106X6 K0797.106X8 K0797.106X10 K0797.106X12 K0797.106X16 K0797.106X20 K0797.106X25 K0797.106X30 K0797.106X35 K0797.106X40 K0797.106X45 K0797.106X50 K0797.106X60 K0797.108X8 K0797.108X10 K0797.108X12 K0797.108X14 K0797.108X16 K0797.108X20 K0797.108X25 K0797.108X30 K0797.108X35 K0797.108X40 K0797.108X45 K0797.108X50 K0797.108X60 K0797.110X10 K0797.110X12 K0797.110X16 K0797.110X20 K0797.110X25 K0797.110X30 K0797.110X35 K0797.110X40 K0797.110X45 K0797.110X50 K0797.110X60 K0797.110X70 K0797.110X80