K1094 Kipp locating pins with internal thread


Hardened and ground (HRC 60 ±2).

The locating pins are designed to make the joining process easier. Used in combination with hardened locating bushes K1095, they enable exact, low-wear, and fast changes of the workpiece.

Versions D1 = 5 and D1 = 6 do not have an internal thread.

Drawing reference:
Form B: cylindrical pin
Form C: rhomboid pin

Special features:

Order No. K1094.205 K1094.206 K1094.208 K1094.210 K1094.212 K1094.216 K1094.220 K1094.305 K1094.306 K1094.308 K1094.310 K1094.312 K1094.316 K1094.320 K1094.405 K1094.4o6 K1094.408 K1094.410 K1094.412 K1094.416 K1094.420 K1094.505 K1094.506 K1094.508 K1094.510 K1094.512 K1094.516 K1094.520