K1122 Kipp UNI lock double clamping module


Contact faces case-hardened and ground.

UNI lock double clamp modules are particularly suitable for the direct clamping of workpieces. Workpieces with complex geometry can be completely machined on 4 and 5 sides.
UNI lock double clamp modules can be mounted in any position.
The high clamping forces are generated by the integrated spring package. (the unit clamps while not pressurised). Clamping is released pneumatically.

The following clamping forces are possible with the UNI lock clampng pin in conjunction with M10, M12, M16 fastening screws:
Clamping force (M10) 35,000 N
Clamping force (M12) 50,000 N
Clamping force (M16) 75,000 N

Supplied with:
1 double clamp module incl. 3x pneumatic connections.

Technical data:
Opening pressure: 6 bar, lubricated air
Turbo pressure: 6 bar
Air connection: G 1/8
Repeat accuracy ≤ 0.005 mm

Special features:

Order No. K1122.1381500