K1184 Kipp collets for internal clamping

High-strength aluminium alloy

natural tone anodised

Collets for clamping internal contours.
The contour of the workpiece to be held is machined into the collet. Free-form and asymmetrical contours can be held.
The collet mechanism enables a secure clamping of the workpiece.
Clamping travel per collet segment (8x) max. 0.15 mm.
Workpiece repeat accuracy: ±0.03.
Collet repeat accuracy: ±0.02.
The traction cone K1185 is required when using the collet for internal clamping.
Matching adaptor K1183.

Special features:

Order No. K1184.2065 K1184.2090 K1184.2120 K1184.2160