K1330 Kipp Hexagon bolts with narrow shaft in Hygienic DESIGN

Material: Stainless steel 1.4404.
Version: Polished.
On request: Inch threads, thread lengths, shaft lengths.
Locking washer K1331.

Narrow shaft bolts are preferably secured against unintentional loss with a retaining element. This satisfies the EU standard 2006/42/EG. With the optionally available retaining washer the bolt is permanently combined with the component before screwing in. The washer is screwed over the threaded section and can then move freely on the narrow shaft. The shaft is not damaged by e.g. notching caused by a spring effect. By manual operation it is not possible that the washer screws itself out again. However, by careful manipulation the washer can be removed from the bolt without damaging either.

The surface of the hexagon head bolt is polished and, with regard to design optimised for the use in hygienic environments. The bolt head is convex on the top face and the collar has a conical formed top surface. Instead of troublesome embossing or indentations, the bolt head is smooth with a surface finish of less than Ra 0.8 μm. Dirt and residue from products or cleaners seldom adheres and easy cleaning is ensured.

Item Codes: K1330.03X6 K1330.03X8 K1330.03X10 K1330.03X12 K1330.04X6 K1330.04X8 K1330.04X10 K1330.04X12 K1330.04X16 K1330.04X20 K1330.05X8 K1330.05X10 K1330.05X12 K1330.05X16 K1330.05X20 K1330.05X25 06X8 06X10 06X12 06X16 06X20 06X25 06X30 06X35 06X40 06X45 06X50 06X60 08X12 08X14 08X16 08X20 K1330.08X25 K1330.08X30 K1330.08X35 K1330.08X40 K1330.08X45 K1330.08X50 K1330.08X55 K1330.08X60 K1330.08X65 K1330.08X70 K1330.10X20 K1330.10X25 K1330.10X30 K1330.10X35 K1330.10X40 K1330.10X45 K1330.10X50 K1330.10X55 K1330.10X60 K1330.10X65 K1330.10X70 K1330.10X75 K1330.10X80 K1331.03 K1331.04 K1331.05 K1331.06 K1331.08 K1331.10