K0698 Kipp T-slot bolts DIN 787

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0698 Kipp T-slot bolts DIN 787
K0698 Kipp T-slot bolts DIN 787

Material:Carbon steel.

Version:Forged and milled, rolled thread.

M6-M12 tempered to 10.9, black.
M14-M36 tempered to 8.8, black.

Order No. K0698.0625 K0698.0640 K0698.0663 K0698.0832 K0698.0850 K0698.0880 K0698.1040 K0698.1063 K0698.10100 K0698.1250 K0698.1263 K0698.1280 K0698.12100 K0698.12125 K0698.12160 K0698.12200 K0698.1450 K0698.1463 K0698.1480 K0698.14100 K0698.14125 K0698.14160 K0698.14200 K0698.16631 K0698.16801 K0698.161001 K0698.161251 K0698.161601 K0698.162501 K0698.1663 K0698.1680 K0698.16100 K0698.16125 K0698.16160 K0698.16200 K0698.16250 K0698.1863 K0698.1880 K0698.18100 K0698.18125 K0698.18160 K0698.18200 K0698.18250 K0698.2080 K0698.20100 K0698.20125 K0698.20160 K0698.20200 K0698.20250 K0698.20315 K0698.2280 K0698.22100 K0698.22125 K0698.22160 K0698.22250 K0698.22315 K0698.24100 K0698.24125 K0698.24160 K0698.24200 K0698.24250 K0698.24315 K0698.24400 K0698.28100 K0698.28125 K0698.28160 K0698.28200 K0698.28250 K0698.28315 K0698.28400 K0698.36125 K0698.36160 K0698.36200 K0698.36250 K0698.36315 K0698.36500 K0698.42160 K0698.42250 K0698.42400