K1597 Kipp Plastic clamping lever with female thread and clamping force intensifier

Product description:

By using clamping levers with integrated clamping force intensifier, the clamping force can be increased by up to 75% compared to standard clamping levers.

Furthermore, this product can also be used by persons with limited hand strength (e.g. in rehabilitation) to achieve comparable clamping forces with less effort. Less effort is also needed to loosen the clamping lever.

Order No. K1597.2081 K1597.3101 K1597.4101 K1597.5121 K1597.2082 K1597.3102 K1597.4102 K1597.5122 K1597.20816 K1597.31016 K1597.41016 K1597.51216 K1597.20886 K1597.31086 K1597.41086 K1597.51286 K1597.20887 K1597.31087 K1597.41087 K1597.51287 K1597.20884 K1597.31084 K1597.41084 K1597.41284 K1597.20888 K1597.31088 K1597.41088 K1597.51288