K1657_B Kipp Position indicator, plastic, electronic IO link interface, Form B, with magnetic sensing

The IO link-enabled position indicators are used to check format adjustments, in order to effectively reduce set-up times and increase machine efficiency.

The two-line LCD display can display both the setpoint value and the actual value. Two LEDs give the user visual signals indicating whether the setpoint and actual values match (LEDs lit green) or do not match (LEDs lit red). The LEDs also indicate to the user which direction of adjustment to apply in order to reach the desired position.

Position indicators K1657.1530 and K1657.1650 are linked to the application by a shaft. The position of the application is determined by a robust sensor system which uses magnetic scanning.

Position indicators K1657.1531 and K1657.1651 are mounted directly in the application. The position is determined by a magnetic sensor (K1658) and a magnetic tape (K1663). Suitable only for linear length measurement.

  • Material: Housing plastic. Shaft stainless steel. Connector thread brass. Earthing terminal metal.
  • Version: Nickel-plated brass. 1x M8 connector (A coded), 4-pole, 1x pin.
  • On request: Certificate of conformity.
  • Supplied with: Position indicators, Assembly instructions.
  • Accessory:
    Position indicators K1657.1530 and K1657.1650: Reducing bush K0412.20**.
    Position indicators K1657.1531 and K1657.1651: Magnetic sensor K1658. Magnetic tape K1663.
RoHS compliant product