K1825 Kipp Force sensor for toggle clamps

K1825 Kipp Force sensor for toggle clamps. The force sensor enables the force with which a workpiece is clamped to be compared with a previously defined set value. The operating instructions describe how to adjust the setpoint. If the Force sensor is equipped with a Bluetooth module, the force can be recorded and processed electronically. The power supply for the force sensor is provided by the Bluetooth module, which can be replaced if necessary without reconfiguration. The Bluetooth module K1831 can be connected to the force sensor via USB Type C.

  • Material: Aluminium EN AW-6082. Plug housing steel.
  • Version: Black anodised.
  • Application: The clamping process can be controlled with the aid of these force sensors.
  • Temperature range: 0 °C to +65 °C.
  • Assembly: The force sensor is attached to the assembly table using DIN 12 screws through hole D1. Only then can the toggle clamp be attached to the force sensor using screws through the holes D2.
  • Accessory:
    Vertical toggle clamp K1255.
    Horizontal toggle clamp K0660.
    Vertical toggle clamp K0662.
    Bluetooth module K1831.
    Gateway K1494.
Kipp NOVOgrip plastic products RoHS compliant product
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