K0118 Kipp cam levers with elastomer lock

K0118 Kipp cam levers with elastomer lock. Actuating the handle causes the elastomer bush to expand and form to the surrounding surface. The amount of expansion of the elastomer bush and hence the clamping force can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the locknut. The thread lock in the nut also ensures that the preset clamping force remains unchanged when the clamp is released.

  • Material: Handle and thrust washer fibreglass reinforced plastic PA 66. Hinge pin 1.4305 stainless steel. Stud and washer steel grade 5.8. Expanding bush PUR elastomer.
  • Version: Handles and thrust washer black. Hinge pins bright. Screw, washer, locknut and thrust washer trivalent blue passivated.
  • Application: The specified holding forces are not suitable for constant loads. We would be happy to supply samples to test on your application.