K0146 Kipp Palm grips stainless steel, similar to DIN 6335


Version: Ground and polished or blasted.
Grub screw and pin bright.

Drawing reference:

Form B: drilled through
Form C: blind hole
Form D: tapped and counterbored
Form E: tapped blind hole
Form L: external thread

Order No. K0146.2032062 K0146.2040082 K0146.2050102 K0146.2063122 K0146.2032063 K0146.2040083 K0146.2050103 K0146.2063123 K0146.3032062 K0146.3040082 K0146.3050102 K0146.3063122 K0146.3032063 K0146.3040083 K0146.3050103 K0146.3063123 K0146.4032062 K0146.4040082 K0146.4050102 K0146.4063122 K0146.4032063 K0146.4040083 K0146.4050103 K0146.4063123 K0146.5032062 K0146.5040082 K0146.5050102 K0146.5063122 K0146.5032063  K0146.5040083 K0146.5050103 K0146.5063123 K0146.6032063X15 K0146.6032063X20 K0146.6032063X25 K0146.6032063X30 K0146.6032063X40 K0146.6032063X50 K0146.6040083X20 K0146.6040083X25 K0146.6040083X30 K0146.6040083X40 K0146.6040083X50 K0146.6050103X20 K0146.6050103X25 K0146.6050103X30 K0146.6050103X40 K0146.6050103X50 K0146.6063123X20 K0146.6063123X30 K0146.6063123X40 K0146.6063123X50 K0146.6032063X K0146.6040083X K0146.6050103X K0146.6063123X