K0148 Kipp Palm grips similar to DIN 6335

Material: Black thermoset PF 31.
Bush and screw electro zinc-plated steel.

Version: High-gloss polished.

Drawing reference:

Form E: projecting steel bush
Form G: blind hole
Form K: tapped bush
Form L: external thread

Special features:

Order No.  K0148.212 K0148.216 K0148.505X15 K0148.505X20 K0148.505X25 K0148.505X30 K0148.505X40 K0148.505X50 K0148.506X15 K0148.506X20 K0148.506X25 K0148.506X30 K0148.506X40 K0148.506X50 K0148.508X20 K0148.508X25 K0148.508X30 K0148.508X35 K0148.508X40 K0148.508X45 K0148.508X50 K0148.510X20 K0148.510X25 K0148.510X30 K0148.510X35 K0148.510X40 K0148.510X45 K0148.510X50 K0148.512X20 K0148.512X30 K0148.512X40 K0148.512X50 K0148.512X60 K0148.405 K0148.406 K0148.408 K0148.410 K0148.412