K0613 Kipp Palm grips soft

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Product Specification Datasheet for K0613 Kipp Palm grips soft

Material: Body hard thermoplastic.
Coating soft thermoplastic.
Bush or screw steel 5.8.

Version: Body and coating black.
Bush and screw electro zinc-plated.

Note: Palm grips with a soft gripping surface combine the stability of standard thermoplastic grips with the pleasant feel of the soft surface.
The soft coating creates a sympathetic, non-slip surface allowing higher clamping forces while protecting the hand.

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Order No. K0613.5108 K0613.5110 K0613.7608 K0613.7610 K0613.7612 K0613.5108X20 K0613.5108X40 K0613.5110X20 K0613.5110X40 K0613.7608X20 K0613.7608X40 K0613.7610X20 K0613.7610X40 K0613.7612X20 K0613.7612X30 K0613.7612X40