K0152 Kipp Star grips similar to DIN 6336

Material: Thermoset PF 31, black.
Bush and screw steel, trivalent blue passivated.

Version: High-gloss polished.

Note: The version K0152.22004 has a brass bush.

On request: Other colours.

Drawing reference:

Form K: tapped bush
Form L: external thread

Special features:

Order No. K0152.22004 K0152.22505 K0152.23206 K0152.24008 K0152.25010 K0152.26312 K0152.28016 K0152.42505X15 K0152.42505X20 K0152.42505X25 K0152.43206X15 K0152.43206X20 K0152.43206X25 K0152.43206X30 K0152.44008X20 K0152.44008X25 K0152.44008X30 K0152.44008X35 K0152.44008X40 K0152.45010X25 K0152.45010X30 K0152.45010X35 K0152.45010X40 K0152.45010X50 K0152.46312X30 K0152.46312X35 K0152.46312X40 K0152.46312X50 K0152.46312X60 K0152.48016X30 K0152.48016X40 K0152.48016X50 K0152.48016X60