K0270 Kipp Clamping levers with plastic handle, internal thread, Stainless Steel

  • Product description: For many people the NOVO grip clamping lever represents the key to secure and comfortable gripping. This lever provides a future-oriented and powerful solution for almost any operating and clamping problem.
  • Material: Handle fibreglass reinforced plastic with die-cast zinc toothed ring. Steel parts stainless steel 1.4305.
  • Version: Steel parts bright.

Order No: K0270.1041 K0270.1042 K0270.10416 K0270.10484 K0270.10486 K0270.10487 K0270.1051 K0270.1052 K0270.10516 K0270.10584 K0270.10586 K0270.10587 K0270.1061 K0270.1062 K0270.10616 K0270.10684 K0270.10686 K0270.10687 K0270.2061 K0270.2062 K0270.20616 K0270.20684 K0270.20686 K0270.20687 K0270.2081 K0270.2082 K0270.20816 K0270.20884 K0270.20886 K0270.20887 K0270.3081 K0270.3082 K0270.30816 K0270.30884 K0270.30886 K0270.30887 K0270.3101 K0270.3102 K0270.31016 K0270.31084 K0270.31086 K0270.31087
K0270.4101 K0270.4102 K0270.41016 K0270.41084 K0270.41086 K0270.41087 K0270.4121 K0270.4122 K0270.41216 K0270.41284 K0270.41286 K0270.41287 K0270.5121 K0270.5122 K0270.51216 K0270.51284 K0270.51286 K0270.51287 K0270.5161 K0270.5162 K0270.51616 K0270.51684 K0270.51686 K0270.51687