K0338 Kipp Red Handle Indexing plungers

Steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground, black oxidised.

Stainless steel version:
Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright.
Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in locking position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been manually disengaged. Form C or D is recommended for applications where the plunger remains disengaged over a long period and the pin should be prevented from springing back.

Order No. K0338.190384 K0338.100484 K0338.110584 K0338.120684 K0338.130884 K0338.141084 K0338.141284 K0338.151684 K0338.0190384 K0338.0100484 K0338.0110584 K0338.0120684 K0338.0130884 K0338.0141084 K0338.0141284 K0338.0151684 K0338.1190384 K0338.1100484 K0338.1110584 K0338.1120684K0338.1130884 K0338.1141084 K0338.1141284 K0338.1151684 K0338.290384 K0338.200484 K0338.210584 K0338.220684 K0338.230884 K0338.241084 K0338.241284 K0338.251684 K0338.0290384 K0338.0200484 K0338.0210584 K0338.0220684 K0338.0230884 K0338.0241084 K0338.0241284 K0338.0251684 K0338.1290384 K0338.1200484 K0338.1210584 K0338.1220684 K0338.1230884 K0338.1241084 K0338.1241284 K0338.1251684 K0338.390384 K0338.300484 K0338.310584 K0338.320684 K0338.330884 K0338.341084 K0338.341284 K0338.351684 K0338.0390384 K0338.0300484 K0338.0310584 K0338.0320684 K0338.0330884 K0338.0341084 K0338.0341284 K0338.0351684 K0338.1390384 K0338.1300484 K0338.1310584 K0338.1320684 K0338.1330884 K0338.1341084 K0338.1341284 K0338.1351684 K0338.490384 K0338.400484 K0338.410584 K0338.420684 K0338.430884 K0338.441084 K0338.441284 K0338.451684 K0338.0490384 K0338.0400484 K0338.0410584 K0338.0420684 K0338.0430884 K0338.0441084 K0338.0441284 K0338.0451684 K0338.1490384 K0338.1400484 K0338.1410584 K0338.1420684 K0338.1430884 K0338.1441084 K0338.1441284 K0338.1451684