K0348 Kipp cam-action indexing plungers

Steel grade 5.8.

Black oxidised.
Pin hardened and ground.

Cam-action indexing plungers are used when the indexing pin should not project all the time. Turning the handle through 180° retracts the pin and a notch ensures that the handle remains in this position.

Drawing reference:
Form A: grip uncoated without nut
Form C: grip powder-coated without nut
Form B: grip uncoated with nut
Form D: grip powder-coated with nut

Special features:

Order No. K0348.040410 K0348.040510 K0348.040610 K0348.0404101 K0348.0405101 K0348.0406101 K0348.040512 K0348.040612 K0348.040812 K0348.0405121 K0348.0406121 K0348.0408121 K0348.040616 K0348.040816 K0348.041016 K0348.0406161 K0348.0408161 K0348.0410161 K0348.040820 K0348.041020 K0348.041220 K0348.0408201 K0348.0410201 K0348.0412201 K0348.060410 K0348.060510 K0348.060610 K0348.0604101 K0348.0605101 K0348.0606101 K0348.060512 K0348.060612 K0348.060812 K0348.0605121 K0348.0606121 K0348.0608121 K0348.060616 K0348.060816 K0348.061016 K0348.0606161 K0348.0608161 K0348.0610161 K0348.060820 K0348.061020 K0348.061220 K0348.0608201 K0348.0610201 K0348.0612201 K0348.050410 K0348.050510 K0348.050610 K0348.0504101 K0348.0505101 K0348.0506101 K0348.050512 K0348.050612 K0348.050812 K0348.0505121 K0348.0506121 K0348.0508121 K0348.050616 K0348.050816 K0348.051016 K0348.0506161 K0348.0508161 K0348.0510161 K0348.050820 K0348.051020 K0348.051220 K0348.0508201 K0348.0510201 K0348.0512201 K0348.070410 K0348.070510 K0348.070610 K0348.0704101 K0348.0705101 K0348.0706101 K0348.070512 K0348.070612 K0348.070812 K0348.0705121 K0348.0706121 K0348.0708121 K0348.070616 K0348.070816 K0348.071016 K0348.0706161 K0348.0708161 K0348.0710161 K0348.070820 K0348.071020 K0348.071220 K0348.0708201 K0348.0710201 K0348.0712201