K0370 Kipp lateral spring plungers without thrust pin

Sleeve aluminium.
Receiving washer steel.
Spring steel.

Sleeve blue electro zinc-plated.
Washer, hardened and burnished.

The thrust pin can be made to suit the required circumstances and screwed into the tapped hole in the locating washer.
The required lateral thrust (F) can be achieved through the stroke (S) and length (L1).
Form B has a seal to keep swarf and dirt out.

Special features:

Order No. K0370.31054 K0370.31056 K0370.31058 K0370.31064 K0370.31066 K0370.31068 K0370.31104 K0370.31106 K0370.31108 K0370.32054 K0370.32056 K0370.32058 K0370.32064 K0370.32066 K0370.32068 K0370.32104 K0370.32106 K0370.32108