K1117 Kipp UNI lock 5-axis basic module adjustable system size 50 mm

Rust resistant tool steel.

Contact faces hardened and ground.

The UNI lock 5-axis basic module, system size 50 can be adapted to mount on machine tables with grid holes or T-slots, or on grid hole subplates. The system size 50 basic module can also be combined with the system size 80 modules, allowing smaller workpieces to be easily clamped with the module clamping system.

Matches UNI lock zero point clamping system with UNI lock D=18 mm clamping pins.
Can also be mounted directly onto commonly available zero point clamping systems if a suitable clamping pin is used.
Height adjustment with brass ring. Locking with a lateral lock screw. Workpieces with varying support face heights can be optimally supported and clamped.

Special features:

Order No. K1117.12072600