K1361 Kipp Sockets and plastic inserts

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Product Specification Datasheet for K1361 Kipp Sockets and plastic inserts

Material: Socket tool steel. Insert special PETP.
Version: Socket chromium-plated.

Socket with 1/2″ drive, made by Hazet. Specially modified, for holding the plastic inserts. The plastic inserts are securely held by the inner form and length of the socket. Optimal drive torque is transmitted to the screw head. By careful use, metallic contact between the socket and the hex head is prevented. Contact corrosion is eliminated.

Plastic insert: Plastic inserts for tightening and loosening the screws and nuts of the KIPP product range NOVOnox hygienic. Polished and sensitive surfaces are protected and a later contact corrosion is avoided. The plastic inserts are made from a specially manufactured PETP and have FDA approval.

K1361.1012 K1361.1112 K1361.1312 K1361.1612 K1361.1912 K1361.2112 K1361.2712 K1361.0704

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