K1506 Kipp clamping pin, steel or stainless steel with adapter plate

Adapter plate steel.
Wedges steel 1.0715 or stainless steel 1.4305.

Adapter plate electro zinc-plated.
Wedges black oxidised or blank.

The adapter plates enable the toggle clamp to be compatible with hole pattern 3 or 4, for hole grid plates or plates with Ø16 mm, Ø20 mm or Ø28 mm holes.
The clamping pin parts lock in the hole when the cap screw is turned.

Special features:

Order No. K1506.0016 K1506.1020 K1506.0028 K1506.0116 K1506.1120 K1506.0128 K1506.0216 K1506.1220 K1506.0228