K1594 Kipp Stainless steel cap nuts with collar, seal, shim washer for Hygienic USIT® set

Set: Cap nut with collar K1493 + Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer K1491. Only the combination of a cap nut with collar and the Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washer assures a cavity-free seal. The cap nut with collar for Hygienic USIT® seal and shim washers is ideal for fastening in sterile areas and also conform to EHEDG regulations, which is confirmed with the relevant certificate.
Material: Cap nut: stainless steel 1.4404. Washer: stainless steel 1.4404.
Seal ring:
70 EPDM 291 (black).
70 EPDM 253815 (white).
75 Fluoroprene® XP 45 (blue).

Order No. K1594.41 K1594.051 K1594.061 K1594.081 K1594.101 K1594.121 K1594.161 K1594.042 K1594.052 K1594.062 K1594.082 K1594.102 K1594.122 K1594.162 K1594.044 K1594.054 K1594.064 K1594.084 K1594.104 K1594.124 K1594.164