K1767 Kipp Swivel and fixed castors medium-duty version

The wheels are non-corroding and have a low rolling resistance. Wheel axle bolted.

  • Housing: steel plate.
  • Wheel body: die-cast aluminium with Extrathane® tread.
  • Housing: press formed.
  • Double ball bearing with ball shield in the castor head.
  • Precision ball bearings in the wheels.
  • Permissible load: 250 – 800 kg.

  • Order No: K1767.100401 K1767.125401 K1767.160501 K1767.200501 K1767.10040 K1767.12540 K1767.16050 K1767.20050 K1767.100402 K1767.125402 K1767.160502 K1767.200502